Legal Industry

Providing Professional Language Solutions Across The Legal Spectrum

When dealing with language works in the legal spectrum, there leaves no margin for error. Hence you need to rely on a Language Solutions company who can deliver results efficiently and accurately. At Transn International Singapore, we are ISO9001 certified, providing quality assurance for a multitude of legal-related linguistic services such as proofreading, interpretation, expert review, editing, translation services and transcription services.

What We Can Translate and Localize

  • Legislation & Regulations

  • Legal Contracts & Agreements

  • Mergers & Acquisition Agreements

  • Employment Contracts

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Expert & Witness Reports

  • Litigation Documents

  • Arbitration Documents

  • Court Documents & Rulings

  • Banking, Finance Website Localization

  • Macro-Economic Survey Translation

  • Equity Research & Prospectuses

What We Can Interpret

Languages Our Certified Interpreter can provide in Court: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien & Teochew

  • Depositions

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Trials

  • Mediation

  • Interviews

  • Medical Exams

What We Can Transcribe

  • Legal Proceedings & Examinations

  • Disposition Summaries

  • Interrogations

  • Public hearings & Arbitration

  • Interviews and Meetings

  • Teleconferences

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