Privacy Policy Statement

Transn greatly values privacy protection. This statement introduces the measures we take to protect your personal information when you visit the website. It explains the personal information collected, the use of it as well as the options you have regarding how we use your personal information. This statement also introduces the measures we take to protect personal information. Visiting our website also implies that you agree with the information collection and mode of use introduced in the Privacy

Policy Statement

Collection of Your Personal Information

When we need information (personal information) to identify or contact you, we will ask for your approval. Usually, when you register any online service related to Transn, we will ask you to provide this information. The information Transn collects is usually limited to your name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number, home address, education, hobbies, and information regarding your company, work, and/or industry.

Controlling Your Personal Information

Transn will only disclose your personal information when required by law or in conformance to relevant Terms of Service, software licensing agreements, or otherwise has sufficient reasons to believe it’s necessary to do so, such as: 
(a) Meeting the provisions of the laws or conforming with the applicable legal procedures of Transn or the website;

(b) Complying with the agreements of relevant service clauses or software use licenses of the website;

(c) Protecting the rights or property of Transn and its websites;

(d) Protecting the safety of Transn employees, Transn products, or personal safety of the users or public served by Transn in cases of emergency.

With the exception of situations listed in this statement, Transn will not disclose any information with third parties.

Information Security

We will strictly protect the security of your personal information. Various forms of security technology and measures have been implemented to protect your personal information from unauthorized use or leakage. If you have any questions regarding our privacy protection, please email:

Cookie Use

Transn uses cookies to help customize your online experience. Cookies are small text files stored in your computer by the web server. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. Cookies can only be read by the domain of the web server who released it.

One of the main purposes of cookies is to save time. For example, if you register at and personalize the webpage of Transn (or any other website), cookies help by recalling your specific settings in any future visits, which can simplify the process of recording your personal information (such as billing address, email address, etc.). When you return to Transn, your previously provided information can be used to facilitate Transn’s customized functions. Transn also allows the companies releasing advertisements in the website to set or access their own cookies. Other companies must use cookies in accordance with a customized privacy policy separate from this policy.

When carrying on work related to its products and services, Transn will use beacons to enter our own website and extract cookie information.

You can accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept all cookies by default, but you usually can modify the browser settings to reject cookies according to your own needs. Rejecting cookies may result in loss of interactive functions of Transn services or other websites you visit.

Web Beacon Use

The website of Transn often contain a special electronic image (called web beacons, web bugs, page tags, tracking pixels, pixel tags, 1×1 gifs, and clear gifs) that can help the website compute the user’s browsing of the website or access to our cookie. The method Transn uses for network beacons include:

Use inside the Transn Website

Transn computes visitor volume by use of beacons at its website and identifies the registered users through cookies.

Through the cookies, Transn provides personalized service at its website.

Transn’s webpage may also contain web beacons from third-party partners to facilitate in the collection of statistical information to help determine the effectiveness of joint promotion and advertising.

Use outside the Transn Website

On behalf of a portion of third party partners, Transn uses beacons on partners’ websites for investigation and research, which contribute to understanding and improving the effects of advertising. Transn user information collected through web beacons will be collected and reported to our partners, which include population statistics and usage information.

Third Party Advertising Network Use

Most online banner ads you see on the website are shown by Transn. Transn allows other companies (third party ad servers or ad networks) to display advertisements on Transn’s webpage. Some ad networks may attempt to place permanent cookies, so the ad networks may identify your computer when showing online ads every time. Ad networks can then collect information on where you or whoever uses your computer sees their ads and determines which ads are clicked. This information makes the ad networks release ads that they think you will be more interested in. Transn has no right to access or control the cookies placed by the third party ad servers or ad networks.

Accessing Your Personal Information

We provide you with a variety of means to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. If you register at the Transn website, you can access, edit, and delete any personal information you have submitted.

Collection and Use of Information of Minors

Transn values the safety and protection of the collection and use of minors’ information. Transn suggests that any minor under 16 years old participating in online activity should obtain the written consent of their legal guardians (hereinafter referred to as “guardians”) in advance.

Without the prior consent of guardians, Transn will not use minors’ personal information or disclose information to any third party unless it is necessary to provide services to minors. With the consent of guardians, Transn can collect minors’ personal information, but guardians maintain the right to refuse Transn to further collect the personal information of their children and have the right to review or apply to Transn for the removal of any part of their children’s personal information.

Transn will not ask minors to provide additional personal information.


Upon the occurrence of the following incidents, Transn does not bear any legal liability:

The disclosure of any personal information by law or by request of related government departments;

The leakage of any personal information as a result of user’s own password disclosure (to other parties), sharing of a registered account with others, or other reasons not attributable to Transn. 

Any disputes caused any third party usage of your personal information be it in accordance with or violation of Transn’s Terms and Declarations of Service.

Any temporary website downtime due to hacker attacks, virus intrusions, or government control;

Any forces majeure;

Any modes of usage with special exemptions as stated in Transn’s Terms and Declarations of Service. 

Transn will update its Privacy Policy from time to time. When it is updated, the date of “the latest update” at the top of the Privacy Policy will be updated.